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2024 T-Shirt
Design Contest

Help us design our team shirt for the upcoming season! We need a shirt that represents both the Eastbots and Beastbots

image-removebg-preview (62).png

How To Enter

Design Should Include:
  1. Only Team Colors (3): Cyan, Purple and Lime Green

  2. Team Numbers: 4795 and 9606 (Numbers are subject to change so keep that in mind)

  3. Team Names: Eastbots and Beastbots

  4. Only Solid Colors

  5. Team Mascots: Jellyfish and Octopus

    • Jellyfish is Cyan and Purple

    • Octopus is Cyan and Lime Green

    • They just have to be represented in some form

Things To Remember:
  1. Due Nov. 25
  2. The shirt will be navy blue
  3. Design must adhere to Eastbots Code of Conduct

Submission Type:

Submit your design as a PDF through the google form linked above. (Or send in the #marketing channel on slack)

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