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Our Sponsors and Grants

Eastbots partners with both community businesses and global corporations, giving our team connections on every level. We give the greatest thanks to the following distinguished sponsors. Without their generous support, our team would not exist. Our sponsors donate funding, materials, outreach opportunities, or other resources critical to our ability in educating students and competing in FIRST.


SIM-RTP has promoted technology and education for 20 years, allowing diverse and experienced IT professionals to communicate and learn. They first sponsored us in 2016 and have continued to ever since, making them our primary sponsor. We have presented at SIM-RTP multiple times and hope to continue to in the future.


USA Dutch

USA Dutch is small UNC business specializing in precision metal fabrication and assembly. USA Dutch has both done CNC machining for our robots and coached our team members in CAD for machining of parts. Their work contributed greatly to our robot’s successful mechanisms in both 2019 and 2022, leading to our greatest designs yet.


Kidzu Children's Museum

Kidzu Children's Museum is a private, 501 non-profit children's museum serving ages infant through tween. The museum was established in 2006 in a store front on Franklin Street in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. We connect with children attending Kidzu, teaching them how to build miniature robots and about STEM in general. We are grateful they give us opportunities to connect with our community.


John Deere

John Deere is the brand name of Deere & Company, an American corporation that manufactures agricultural, construction, and forestry machinery, diesel engines, drivetrains used in heavy equipment, and lawn care equipment. Their expertise in machinery enables them to send us mentors to teach our new members more about mechanical design.



Kitware, Inc. is a technology company that specializes in the research and development of open-source software in the fields of computer vision, medical imaging, visualization, 3D data publishing and technical software development. Our ideas can be brought to life thanks to Kitware.


Eloquentix is a team of web developers that has helped 26 different companies with building and maintaining web applications using a variety of languages and platforms. They have close connections with the Easbots' software subteam. 

Booz Allen Hamilton

Booz Allen Hamilton is a 29,000 strong firm that works and invests in consulting, data analysis, engineering, and cyber security. They make a point to bring fresh and diverse perspectives to their clients, and their generosity helps inspire the Eastbots as well. 

Exact Cut, Inc.

Exact Cut has provided our team with custom cutting services that make our projects come to life. 

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