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Our Sponsors and Grants

Eastbots partners with both community businesses and global corporations, giving our team connections on every level. We give the greatest thanks to the following distinguished sponsors. Without their generous support, our team would not exist. Our sponsors donate funding, materials, outreach opportunities, or other resources critical to our ability in educating students and competing in FIRST.


SIM-RTP has promoted technology and education for 20 years, allowing diverse and experienced IT professionals to communicate and learn. They first sponsored us in 2016 and have continued to ever since, making them our primary sponsor. We have presented at SIM-RTP multiple times and hope to continue to in the future.


USA Dutch

USA Dutch is small UNC business specializing in precision metal fabrication and assembly. USA Dutch has both done CNC machining for our robots and coached our team members in CAD for machining of parts. Their work contributed greatly to our robot’s successful mechanisms in both 2019 and 2022, leading to our greatest designs yet.



Corning is helping to create "life-changing innovations and products" and have done so for more than 170 years. They build on past discoveries and innovation to make tomorrow a better place for science.



ABB is an international corporation, with headquarters in Switzerland, that works to advance technology. They are leaders in electrification and automation that paves the way for the furture of engineering.



Kitware, Inc. is a technology company that specializes in the research and development of open-source software in the fields of computer vision, medical imaging, visualization, 3D data publishing and technical software development. Our ideas can be brought to life thanks to Kitware.

Bayer Fund

The Bayer Fund is a committed FRC team sponsor in the United States and their grant helps inspire tomorrow's leaders. They invest in the future and take on big challenges such as food insecurity and malnutrition.

Gene Haas

The Gene Haas Foundation sponsored nationwide FIRST Robotics Competitions during the 2023 season. They are all about helping build the community that creates future leades.


Qualcomm has worked closely with FIRST and FIRST teams like ours since 2006 and has been a FIRST Strategic Partner since 2014. Qualcomm invents the technologies that shape how we communicate, connect and compute.

PTC Education

PTC is committed to empowering students and educators and helping them succeed. 

Intuitive Foundation

Since 2006 the Intuitive Foundation has been a proud sponsor of FRC teams. They work tirelessly to inspire students to  engage in STEM activities.


The Reynolds Foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of everyone in North Carolina. They invest in diverse experiences and communities to create a better North Carolina.

Public School Foundation

The Public School Foundation is one of our oldest sponsors and a non-profit that provides additional funding for programs and projects in the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City school district.

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