Mentors and Supervisors

As a team, we deeply thank the people who teach us. EastBots wouldn't succeed as much as we have without those who devote their time to help our student members learn and develop, both as students and as people.


Steve Tell

Steve is a founding mentor of the Eastbots, having been recruited by our original self-motivated students in the fall of 2012 before our rookie season. He has coached robot design, garage machining, power wiring, but especially enjoys teaching about sensors to help students make robots that respond to their environment. For the last several years he has also volunteered as a FIRST robot inspector at local competitions. When not doing FIRST, Steve is a Senior Research Scientist in the Circuits Resarch Group at NVIDIA corporation. He lives in the ECHHS district in Chapel Hill with his wife Rose and dog Marconi.

Bradley Nemitz

I am a math teacher and mentor to the Eastbots at East Chapel Hill High School. I student-taught at ECHHS while studying math and education at UNC Chapel Hill. After graduating, I moved to Richmond, Virginia where I taught for 5 years and met my wife. We moved back to Chapel Hill for her study Public Heath at UNC and I returned to East. We have two dogs, Ash and Maple, who love to sniff and run around our backyard. I am very into board games like Agricola and Power Grid and I try to be out on my mountain bike (and sometimes road bike) as much as possible. (I've tracked 110 hours and just shy of 1000 miles for 2020 so far.) I enjoy playing music and play guitar for the East faculty band. I do photography and often take photos for the Eastbots. Though I've done some programming some and can understand what's going on with our programming team, I feel most at home with the mechanical team, as I'm used to working on cars, bikes, and house projects.

Jeff Alguire

Jack of all Trades, Master of Some. I grew up in a small island town in Southeast Alaska. I have been a stage set designer and set builder for many many years, as well as a residential carpenter. I have always been curious about how things work. That includes a desire to tinker and deconstruct things and rebuild them for my own purposes. I will be the first to admit that I am not good at it and still have a lot to learn.

Amalan Iyengar

Hi! I'm an Eastbots class of 2016 Alum and have been mentoring since the 2018-2019 season. I finished my Bachelor's in Computer Science and Master's in Electrical Engineering from NC State and currently work at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab.

IMG_9633 - Matthew Brewbaker.jpg

Matthew Brewbaker

Hi there, my name is Matthew Brewbaker, and I'm an undergraduate student majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Real Estate and Consulting, and minoring in Urban Studies and Planning at UNC.  I am originally from Greensboro, where I graduated from Northwest Guilford. During my time in high school, I was known for continually being in and around my community. Once I arrived at Carolina, I looked towards giving back to the FIRST community through mentoring. I have since been mentoring students here at East in marketing, outreach, and fundraising.

Leadership and Officers

One of our team’s core principles is that a student-run leadership model is highly successful in achieving student inspiration and professional development. With this principle in mind, we have continued to iterate on our leadership structure each year. Changes are made by the current leadership group and the team’s mentors just before the annual election in May. Other changes to our organization, such as membership requirements, are made by the leadership group and approved by the team each August when the team handbook is updated. Currently, our leadership is comprised of five student officers, who oversee administrative and non-engineering related programs, and five subteam leads who are responsible for robot construction and developing the team’s technical repertoire. Officers are elected by a ranked-choice vote; subteam leads are appointed by mentors.

DSC_2685_Original - Steven Gao.jpg

Steven Gao

My name is Steven Gao. I am currently serving as the President of the FRC Team 4795 Eastbots. I am also the Logistics Director and Mechanical Lead. I play tennis and was on the Varsity Tennis Team my sophomore and junior years. My hobbies are listening to music, playing sports and reading.

Michael Zheng

I'm the Build Captain, and 2020-21 will be my fourth year on the team. I am a committed mechanical and design member, and in previous years, I was the design lead and project manager.


Aoife Paul Healy

Hello, I'm the one who designed the website you're reading right now! I'm the Business Captain, meaning I head Fundraising, Outreach, and Marketing.  I'm a first dan black belt in TKD and an OSHA certified student. I've been with the EastBots since 2018. I plan to graduate with over a hundred service hours and make a difference in my community, just like the subteam I lead! Thank you so much for scoping out our site!

Ana Pekec

I am a junior at East Chapel Hill High School and I am currently the Project Manager of the EastBots, as well as a member of the mechanical team. I have been on the team since I was a freshmen. In addition to my interest in STEM, I enjoy to play the piano and the harp. I also love to watch movies in my free-time.

IMG_5755 - East Robotics.JPG

Lucien Genova

I am a sophomore here at East, and am currently the design lead for the EastBots. I love teaching and learning aspects of mechanical engineering, especially in the student-led environment that the FRC provides. When I’m not designing robots, I can likely be found doing something equally awesome and equally nerdy (but I’m usually designing robots :P).

Darya Loiko

Hi! My name is Darya and I am the Electrical Lead here on team 4795. Being a part of the Eastbots has also been an amazing experience in terms of meeting like-minded individuals and sharing our knowledge to grow as both students and humans. My main role on the team is to teach members about the electrical devices we utilize in our projects and to work in conjunction with the other subteams to make our robots come to life! I can't wait to see more of the amazing things we can accomplish together!


Achyuta Kannan

Hi, my name is Achyuta Kannan and I am a junior at ECHHS. I am the software lead for the team, and my love for STEM extends beyond just robotics. I like to program and automate small tasks to make my life easier (and just for the fun of it). Programming allows me to solve many problems. I find the thrill of problem solving insatiable and once I get started, there's no stopping!